Community Response Fund: FAQs

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Who can donate?

The COVID-19 Community Response Fund is open to donations from any individual, corporation, or foundation. If you have questions, please contact

Donations can be made at   

How can my organization apply for funds?

If your organization has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and you are unable to deliver programs and/or services that fill immediate needs within the community and region, you can submit an online application here.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Stacey at

What is the COVID-19 Community Response Fund?

The COVID-19 Community Response Fund has been established to help support our community’s most vulnerable in a difficult and challenging time. We know that many people cannot afford to prepare, and do not have a support system around them if they contract COVID-19 or need to take preventative measures and self-isolate. The Fund will support vulnerable populations at greatest risk, including isolated individuals and older adults, families under stress, those experiencing mental health challenges, individuals who are experiencing homelessness, and others who may be impacted by this public health crisis.

We are working closely with agency and community partners and will continue to monitor this situation as it evolves to ensure your help is placed where it is needed most.

What will the funds raised through the Community Response Fund be used for?

Working with community partners, United Way has identified the following needs, which will continue to grow in the coming months:

  • Basic needs – ensure people have access to life’s essentials, such as food, baby formula, diapers, etc.
  • Help for the vulnerable who are isolated, including seniors – this includes finding ways to reach seniors with food and virtual health checks and companionship.
  • Mental health support – including individuals and families experiencing stress due to temporary job loss / economic strain.
  • Capacity for community services – ensure that front line community agencies who are working with our most vulnerable can continue to do their vital work in safe ways.
  • Support for volunteers – amazing people are rallying to support others – they need our help too.

As the situation evolves, so too will the needs in the community.  We will be in ongoing discussions to identify how needs are changing and respond on your behalf, to have the greatest impact. It is going to take collective action, which is why it is vital we are all working together to support our community and Southwest Saskatchewan.

Our Community Response Team has representation from the City of Swift Current, United Way, Swift Current Chamber of Commerce, Rubicon Pharmacies, Dr. Noble Irwin Foundation, South Saskatchewan Community Foundation and a number of community-based agencies that are working to support our communities in a targeted and sustainable manner.

Why donate to this fund instead of directly to an agency?

All giving is good and will make a difference, however you choose to do it.

The dollars donated to the COVID-19 Community Response Fund will be distributed directly to community agencies that are working with vulnerable populations, including individuals who are experiencing homelessness and families under stress in our community.

By giving through the Community Response Fund, you can be sure your generosity gets to where it is needed most. With access to 211 SK data, we will be able to streamline funds according to specific community needs in Southwest Saskatchewan. United Way & The City of Swift Current will be working in collaboration with the Community Response Team to coordinate our investments to ensure that we are making the biggest impact possible.

What agencies might directly benefit from my donation?

Charitable organizations that are working in the areas of supporting families, providing basic needs, senior support, and mental health.

How quickly can you support agencies and these vulnerable groups?

The needs continue to change, and we’re working with the COVID-19 Community Response Team and communicating with our agency and community partners, and others, to provide support as this health crisis escalates. We will be ramping up investment as soon as funds are available for the areas that we’ve identified.

Once funds are available, investments can be made within days for areas with high urgency.

To date, we have invested $11,900.00:

  • The Center – Meals To Go program ($4,200.00)
  • Canadian Mental Health Association – Meal Delivery program ($1,500.00)
  • Southwest Homes – One on One Support ($3,000.00 from Community Response Fund; $3,250.00 from Kiwanis)
As this pandemic is likely to have a long window, we will also be working with our partners to ensure that we have resources available as they are needed. As the service delivery requirements of our agency partners evolve, we will be nimble as well, adjusting our strategy accordingly to meet the changing demands of this crisis.