2021 Municipal Budget

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Welcome to the 2021 City of Swift Current Municipal Budget, A New Normal. This budget was passed by Mayor Al Bridal and City Council on Monday, March 22nd, 2021 during a regular Meeting of Council.

Let's have a look at how our 2021 Budget will impact you...

Operating Budget: The day-to-day services we provide to citizens.


There will be no increase to property taxes in our 2021 Operating Budget.

Capital Budget: The capital projects we deliver throughout the community.



There will be no increase to property taxes in our 2021 Capital Budget.


Water & Sewer Utility

In our Water & Sewer Utility, we have to mandatory projects that must be completed in 2021 in response to Water Security Agency regulations. These projects are:

Water Treatment Plant Residual Management:

  • Design & construct system to remove residuals during treatment
  • Water Security Agency requirement

Lift Station #7 Force Main Upgrade:

  • Needed to dispose of residuals in above project, mitigate flow conflicts and accommodate future growth demands
We will be required to take on debt to complete these projects, necessitating a 1.8% water rate increase (over-and-above the annual 2.0% water rate increase) to fund this debt. The impact of this 1.8% water rate increase to the average household of 4 individuals is approximately $1.83 per month.



City Debt

Despite our need to take on debt in our Water & Sewer Utility, we are happy to report that, year-over-year, by the end of 2021, we will have reduced our Municipal Debt by just under $5 million.

What this means for you...

Together, our Operating and Capital Budgets call for no increase to property taxes in 2021. 

To view more details of our 2021 Budget, please click here to view our 2021 Budget Book.

Watch the video below to see Mayor Al Bridal's full presentation of our 2021 Municipal Budget.