Outdoor Rinks

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Skating in the crisp air of the prairie evening is a true winter pleasure. The thrill of the season echoes throughout Swift Current when the six outdoor ice facilities open. Generally, the outdoor rinks are open December until mid-February, weather permitting.Cypress Point Rink

All locations have 2 ice surfaces: one large and enclosed surface, and one smaller and open surface. When public skating is scheduled for the large surface, hockey will take place on the smaller surface, and vice versa. 

The regular hours of use incorporate times for recreational hockey and public skating. There is no charge for rink usage during regular supervised hours. 

2020/2021 Schedule Information:

For more information, contact Community Services at 306-778-2787 or communityservices@swiftcurrent.ca. 

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The outdoor rink facilities include:

Southside Rink
Located at 267 3rd Avenue SE, this 180' by 77' rink features washrooms and an indoor heated rest area. 


North Hill Rink 
Located in ACT Park at 700 4th Avenue NE, this 180' by 80' has washrooms and an indoor heated rest area.  


Westside Rink 
Located in Westside Park on the corner of 3rd Avenue NW and Herbert Street W, this 180' by 80' rink features washrooms and an indoor heated rest area. 


Highland Rink 
Located in Highland Park at 510 Maxwell Drive, this asphalt-based rink is 180' by 84'. Washrooms and an indoor heated rest area are located on the premises.

Sheldon Kennedy Rink 
Located in Riverdene Park at 1130 North Hill Drive in Riverdene Park, this 180' by 80' rink has washrooms and an indoor heated rest area. 


Cypress Point Rink - Located at Cypress Point, this 53' by 50' rink has no washrooms or change facilities, and is an unsupervised rink.