Official Community Plan


The Official Community Plan (OCP) is a bylaw communicating the City’s vision, goals, objectives, and policies for the future. The purpose of the document is to provide a comprehensive policy framework to guide the physical, environmental, economic, social and cultural development of Swift Current or any part of the City over the next 25 years, including City Council’s strategic goal of 25,000 residents by the year 2025. 

Currently, the City of Swift Current is experiencing an increase in growth, which is expected to continue into the future. In order to accommodate this growth, the City is working to create a new vision for the future of the City with the completion of a new OCP. Crosby Hanna & Associates will be working to assist the City in this endeavor, and bring an experienced and professional team of planners to guide the process. The information on this webpage will be updated regularly, providing additional information and the project status as the development of this new plan proceeds with feedback gathered from the community at a variety of engaging events.

Schedule of Events to Date:

  • August 8th – Market Square

The current Municipal Development Plan (Official Community Plan) was adopted in 2003, and outlines the current physical, environmental, economic, social and cultural development policies of the City. This document has been amended to incorporate new development policy with the following documents:

  • City of Swift Current Expansion Planning Project – Crosby Hanna & Associates examined the need for additional, developable land within the boundaries of the City of Swift Current by analyzing the economic climate, population trends, land inventory, and long term future growth plans. (Adopted in 2007)
  • Swift Current Infill Guidelines – Associated Engineering completed Infill Guidelines to provide guidance as policy guidelines and performance expectations for infill projects, concept plans, and development proposals within mature areas of the City. (Adopted in 2015)
    A copy of the current Municipal Development Plan can also be viewed here, along with its associated maps:

Development Plan Bylaw No. 3 - 2003 was amended under Bylaw 19 - 2016 by amending an area of the Development Pattern Map for consistency with Springs Valley Land Use Map.