Minor Variances

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Before construction occurs, often after design plans are prepared, residents may find that a proposed new building may not fit onto the lot as expected and would require a small setback adjustment to allow the home to fit the site.  A minor variance is a variation not exceeding 10% of the Zoning Bylaw requirements for: 

  • The minimum required distance of a building from any lot line.
  • The minimum required distance of a building to any other building on the same lot.
  • The minimum height allowed for the permitted use or structure.
  • The minimum lot area requirement.

Approval for minor variances cannot be granted for land uses that do not conform to the Zoning Bylaw and within the R1S – Single Detached Small Lot Dwelling Residential District and the R5 – Small Lot Dwelling Residential District. 

Minor Variance Application:

In order to request a minor variance, an applicant must:

  • Explore options and alternatives in the building and site design to meet all applicable development requirements.
  • Complete the application form.
  • Include a cheque or money order for the $50.00 application fee made payable to the City of Swift Current.
  • Submit application, fee and any appropriate supporting materials to Planning and Growth Development, 177 1st Ave NE Swift Current, SK S9H 2B1 or plng@swiftcurrent.ca 

Applicants are encouraged to meet informally with staff before making application.

Minor Variance Review Process: 

  1. The application will be reviewed by staff for completeness and conformance with the Municipal Development Plan, the Zoning Bylaw, and any other applicable policies and regulations.
  2. After the application is reviewed, staff may:
    1. Approve the minor variance;
    2. Approve the minor variance with terms and conditions of approval; or
    3. Refuse the minor variance.
  3. The applicant and assessed property owners of all adjacent properties will be notified in writing once a decision is made. This decision does not take effect until twenty-three (23) days after the notice is sent by registered mail or twenty (20) days from the date a notice is served. If any assessed owner of an adjacent property objects, the minor variance will be revoked.
  4. The applicant may appeal conditions of an approval, a refusal, or a revocation of the variance to the Development Appeals Board within thirty (30) days of receiving the notice.

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