Oman School Site Plan (UPDATED)

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After serving residents for years as a community landmark, the Oman School was demolished in the spring of 2016. The City has taken the steps to initiate the redevelopment process and have engaged Associated Engineering to prepare a concept plan to guide the future redevelopment of the former Oman School site. As per the City’s Housing Plan, the site is intended to be redeveloped to expand the City’s available housing inventory as a means of supplementing ongoing suburban expansion. 

The redevelopment of school sites often presents challenges related to establishing a plan which seeks to balance local and the broader community interests which can often be divergent.  We are seeking input from the community to help create a future vision for the site and guide the concept plan preparation process. 

What is a Concept Plan?

Concept plans act as a guide for future development of a specific area. They describe a proposed development both in written form, and graphically. A concept plan provides important information related to adjacent land uses, community integration, public consultation, site conditions, land use layout, provision of open space and associated amenities, core infrastructure, and plan implementation.  Concept plans are adopted by City Council and represent the City’s expectation for the form of future development of a site.  Any future development proposed for the site will need to consider and adhere to the provisions of the concept plan. 

Steps of the Project 

A timeline for the project is provided below, and a description of the steps is as follows:

img_project_timeline_updated_20180713 (002)

Step 1 Project Start-up: During step 1 Associated Engineering collected and reviewed relevant background materials associated with the redevelopment site including but not limited to the City’s Official Community Plan, Housing Plan and Infill Guidelines. The consultant also documented existing land uses and natural and built conditions that might influence the redevelopment process. This information is intended to provide a policy and physical context for the project. 

Step 2 Public Engagement: Within this phase of the project the consultant engaged members of the City Administration, landowners situated adjacent to the redevelopment site, and the broader public to obtain their respective perspectives on the desired project outcomes.  A summary record of initial input received can be viewed by clicking this link

The City is committed to broadening the input received beyond the immediate neighbours of the site by providing the following brief survey based on the same questions used to guide the discussions during the administrative and neighbour workshops. This is an opportunity for those who were not in attendance at the event, in addition to those who were in attendance, to provide additional commentary and feedback. A link to the survey is provided at the bottom of this page.   

The results of this step will be documented and used to establish the basis for preparing a conceptual layout for the former Oman School site.  

Step 3 Plan Preparation (UPDATED): Following the completion of the public engagement events, the project team applied the information that was gathered, in addition to information from subsequent phases of the project towards developing a preliminary concept plan for the site. Based on the information gathered from the public, a design basis memorandum was prepared which was subsequently used as terms of reference for preparing a preliminary plan for the site. The project team has now prepared a conceptual site layout which can be viewed by clicking on the link below. 

Step 4 Open House (Current Step): This step represents an opportunity for members of the public to view and comment on the preliminary concept plan for the site.  This come and go event will provide members of the public with direct access to the consulting team and members of the City Administration to discuss the preliminary plan and to pose any questions they might have concerning the plan or the plan process moving forward.  The interactions from the open house will be recorded and documented within the concept report and may be used by the City Administration or City Council to identify any recommended revisions to the plan prior to adoption. 

To view the plans as presented at the Open House held on August 14, 2018, please click here.

Step 5 Finalization: Within Step 5, the consultants will publish and submit the final concept plan report and following a review by the City Administration, this report will be presented to City Council for consideration and approval. 

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