Cypress Point Residential Community

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Welcome to Cypress Point, the City’s newest residential community, nestled in the midst of the Elmwood Golf Course. This premiere residential community will consist of 51 single-family lots, 21 multi-family lots, and 8 semi-detached lots. It will boast a two-acre park for active living, over half a kilometre of multi-use paths and trails, a children’s play area, a family picnic area, a sporting field and sand pits for activities such as beach volleyball. All of this is situated within the Elmwood Golf Course, which is currently undergoing upgrades to become a Les Furber championship-calibre course.

Individuals who are interested in purchasing a lot in the new subdivision are encouraged to view the available lots and pricing listed below, and then to contact the City’s Manager of Revenue & Collections, at 306-778-2704, or email

* Changes have been made to the Cypress Point Community sales agreement and architectural controls. These changes are summarized below. The updated Architectural Control document has been posted below.




Building Commitment

Completion of a basement within 120 days

Completion of a basement within 365 days

Completion of Construction

Completion of the home within 18 months

Completion of the home within 36 months

Failure to Complete Construction

Option to purchase the property back for $1.00

Option to purchase the property back for the original sale price less the Elmwood Golf Course renovation premium; and administration and financing fees of $10,000.00

 DC1-R2  Attached garages must have a minimum setback of 0.6 metres from the front building line of the home and 0.45 metres from all other planes  Garages may be designed as side-drive, front-drive, or a combination; Front-drive attached garages may project no further than 4.0 metres past the front building line of the home
Driveway Width for 3-Car Garages  Not identified Driveway widths will be allowed to 60% of lot frontage to a maximum of 9.0 metres.


Cypress Point information: