Sign Permits

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The City of Swift Current regulates the use of all forms of signs in Swift Current for safety and aesthetic reasons. The goal is to ensure that the use and placement of signs does not create a hazard for pedestrians or motorists, that signs are well maintained and that the number of signs does not affect the attractiveness of the city.

In Swift Current, you need a sign permit for:

  • All permanent signage including wall signs, building identification signs, roof signs, canopy, freestanding, and digital/illuminated
  • Portable signs
  • Inflatable signs
  • Commercial and Community event signage

This applies to all commercial signage and advertising, along with public institutions such as schools and churches.

Real estate signs, election signs, and garage sale signs do not require sign permits, but may be subject to regulations on placement. Please review the Zoning Bylaw and Temporary Sign Bylaw for further information, or contact the Planning and Growth Development Division for further information.

Sign Permit Application: 

  • Complete the application form.
  • Complete the letter of authorization if not the property owner/business owner.
  • Include a cheque or money order for the application fee payable to the City of Swift Current. The application fee is:
    • Permanent Sign - $50.00
    • Portable Sign - $25.00 + $10.00/month or part thereof
    • Inflatable Sign - $25.00
    • Commercial Event Signage - $25.00
    • Community Event Signage – No fee
  • Submit application and any appropriate supporting materials to Kyel Skerten, Bylaw Compliance and Licensing Official: 306-778-2714 or 

Sign Review Process:

  1. The application will be reviewed by staff for completeness and conformance with the Municipal Development Plan, the Zoning Bylaw, Temporary Sign Bylaw, and any other applicable policies and regulations.
  2. The applicant will be contacted by Planning and Growth Development if additional items or information are needed.
  3. Staff may:
    1. Approve the sign permit;
    2. Approve the sign permit with terms and conditions of approval; or
    3. Refuse the sign permit.
  4. The applicant will be informed of the decision and may appeal conditions of an approval, or refusal of a Sign Permit to the Development Appeals Board within thirty (30) days of receiving the notice.
  5. Upon issuance of the sign permit, the applicant may proceed with installation of the sign. Planning and Growth Development will inspect the sign after installation and sticker it if it has been installed in accordance with the permit.

Sign Permit Form: