Business Licences

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The City of Swift Current licenses all businesses providing goods or services in Swift Current.  Licences are issued in order to regulate businesses, ensure compliance with land use and building regulations, gather land use information, and inform planning decisions.  Being granted a City of Swift Current Business Licence does not relieve the applicant from complying with all Municipal Bylaws, or with Provincial or Federal legislation.

Business Licence Application:

  • Complete the application form.
  • Include a cheque or money order for the application fee payable to the City of Swift Current. The licence fee is:
    • $100.00 per calendar year for residents
    • $200.00 per calendar year for non-residents
  • Submit application and any appropriate supporting materials to Planning and Growth Development, 177 1st Ave NE Swift Current, SK S9H 2B1 or

Business Licence Review Process:

  1. The application will be reviewed by staff for completeness and conformance with the Municipal Development Plan, the Zoning Bylaw, and any other applicable policies and regulations.
  2. If a business is moving to a new location, it may trigger the need for a development permit to allow for a new land use.
  3. The applicant will be contacted by Planning and Growth Development if additional items or information are needed.
  4. Staff may:
    1. Approve the business licence;
    2. Approve the business licence with terms and conditions of approval; or
    3. Refuse the business licence.
  5. The applicant will be informed of the decision and may appeal conditions of an approval, or refusal of a Business Licence to the Development Appeals Board within thirty (30) days of receiving the notice.
  6. Upon issuance of the signed business licence, the applicant may proceed to conduct business within the City.

Direct Sellers

A Direct Seller is an individual or firm which is licensed under The Direct Sellers Act and:

  • Goes from house to house selling or offering for sale or soliciting orders for the future delivery or, goods or service; or 
  • By telephone offers for sale or solicits orders for the future delivery of goods and services; or 
  • Does both of the things mentioned.

The license cost is set by the Province and is grouped into two categories, A or B.  The fee for Category A is $30 and Category B is $20.

Business Licence Forms: