Future Development Inquiries

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Inquiries about future development, new uses or new buildings on vacant land or for general assistance in locating a site:  Applicants or developers are asked to contact the City’s Planning & Growth Development Department, at 306-778-2714 (plng@swiftcurrent.ca) to discuss any development proposal before any application for any process is considered.

Changes to existing uses in existing buildings – expansion, alteration or renovation:  Applicants or developers should call Planning & Growth Development at 306-778-2714 and the Senior Building Official at 306-778-2714 before any plans are submitted for consideration.

Pre-Application Discussion:  Before any formal application occurs, it is strongly advised to chat with the Community Development Director or Manager of Development Services about any development.  At this time, all relevant information is offered and a checklist provided for a formal request. 

At-Risk Application:  A Building Permit Application can be submitted concurrently with a Development Permit, but is subject to change if the Development Permit is altered.  We cannot accept any application for a Building Permit until the Development Permit is accepted by the Department.  No Building Permit can be issued before there is action taken on a Development Permit.

The Development Permit key parts are:

  • Application Form
  • Applicant Contact Information
  • Site Designer Contract Information
  • Survey Plan – if applicable
  • Site Plan
  • Building Elevations
  • Landscape Plan, when applicable
  • Pre-Engineering items of Concern (site issues) – if applicable
  • Other matters related to the site plan proposal
  • Required items per the approved checklist

If there are any questions please call the Planning and Growth Development Department at 306-778-2714 or email plng@swiftcurrent.ca for assistance.