Executive Assistant to the Mayor and CAO


Marlene 2Marlene Johnson serves as the Executive Assistant to the Office of the CAO as well as the Mayor and City Council.

As Executive Assistant, Marlene serves as the initial (internal/external) contact for CAO and Mayor/Council, actively listening to the concerns and requests for Mayor/Council to attend functions/meetings.  She provides initial direction and/or advice, schedule meetings with the Mayor and CAO and/or schedule appropriate follow up by various City managers/employees.  
Coordinates various corporate meetings (Internal/external interfaces) including; CAO Office meetings with various external Stakeholders, 

Provides confidential and senior administrative management support, overall executive team coordination and corporate client service/reception leadership for the City. 

If you require further information, or you would like to contact the Office of the Mayor or CAO:

Phone: 306-778-2723

Email:  m.johnson@swiftcurrent.ca