Snow Responsibilities

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For Residents and Businesses

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Frequently Asked Questions On Snow Responsibilities

Q: Am I responsible for cleaning the city sidewalk in front of my property? 
A: Yes. Please remove snow within 24 hours after a snowfall. All snow removed from the city sidewalk and private driveway is to be kept on your property. You should not shovel this snow into the street. This creates a problem for you and others in the area. (Businesses downtown are exempt from this restriction.) 

Q: Who is responsible for removing the ridge of snow that the plow left behind in my back lane? 
A: You are. Residents are responsible for the removal of such ridges to allow passage into their private property. 

Q: Will the City open the access to our property? 
A: No, this is the resident's responsibility. 

Q: If I have any questions or concerns regarding the City’s Snow and Ice Control Program who do I contact: 
A: You can call the Infrastructure and Operations Division at 306-778-2748 or leave a detailed message on the 24H Snow Hotline at 306-778-1625. Alternatively, you can email