#KnowMoreAboutSnow FAQ's

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Need to #KnowMoreAboutSnow? 

How soon do you start snow removal during a snowfall?

Snow clearing operations will begin after the snow event has ended with the exception to an extreme storm event - operations may commence during the event to ensure priority 1 routes are passable. When storms are continuous, or closely follow one another, operations will be repeated or continued on the routes of highest priority until all such roads are completed before moving onto streets of a lesser priority.

How do you determine where you start?

To respond effectively after a snow event, enacting a Priorities Model for snow removal is a standard practice among municipalities.

Priority 1 – Emergency routes and major arterial roadways
Priority 2 – Major collector roadways and school zones
Priority 3 – Local collector roadways, industrial and business areas

The map is available here.

Why is there still snow left behind on the street surface in some areas?

In Priority 1:

Streets are normally maintained over the full pavement width. A thin layer of compacted snow on the street surface often occurs and is acceptable. Generally, snow accumulating beyond 5 cm is removed by plowing.  During extreme snowfall events, parking lanes may be completed later when all priorities are completed, and resources become available, and the time limits may be extended. 

In Priority 2:

Priority 2 streets are normally maintained over the full pavement width.  A thin layer of compacted snow on the street surface often occurs and is acceptable. Generally, snow accumulating beyond 5 cm is removed by plowing.

In Priority 3:

Priority 3 streets are normally maintained to a drivable snow compacted surface. Plowing on priority 3 streets commences following a 10 cm snowfall accumulation or equivalent local drifting conditions. Priority 1 and 2 must be brought to a satisfactory condition prior to work commencing on Priority 3 streets.

There are windrows along my street – when will they be removed?

The City removes windrows in a timely manner, typically within 48 hours. There may be occasions when removing the windrows must be a lower priority due to fresh snow. Crews will return to remove snow when conditions allow, and priority routes are satisfactory.

What about back lanes – are they included in snow removal?

With exception to the Downtown Business District and certain designated problem areas, lane clearing will be maintained to a compacted snow surface, and starts when identified, as time and resources permit. During extended periods of mild weather, it may be necessary to undertake additional plowing to reduce rutting.

I want to bring something to your attention. How can I contact the right people?

You can call the Snow Hotline at 306-778-1625 and leave a detailed message with the specific location you are concerned with, or email eng@swiftcurrent.ca.