Rural Water Pipeline

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The Swift Current Rural Water Pipeline (RWP) is a potable water system providing drinking water to rural residents and businesses.

Click here to view the City of Swift Current Water Treatment Annual Notice to Consumers for the Rural Water Pipeline.

To apply for service please read the RWP Construction Standards (click here) and then submit the application (click here) to

The Rural Water Pipeline is divided into three (3) main areas:

1. West Pipeline – click here for map
2. East Pipeline – click here for map
3. Oxbow Pipeline – click here for map 

To view a typical service installation please click here

Owner Maintenance:
It is the responsibility of the home or business owner to maintain their storage tank in a clean and sanitary manner. The City recommends the tanks be cleaned every two (2) years at a minimum.

The process to clean these tanks is as follows.

 - Turn supply valve off
 - Drain tank using existing pressure pump or drain valve
 - Remove any remaining water and debris with a wet dry vac
 - Using sodium hypochlorite (bleach intended for potable water) wipe out the inside of the tank removing any remaining sediment
 - Open inlet valve fully, this may stir up sediment in the customers service which will cause murky looking water
NOTE: If this operation is performed more often it will limit the amount of sediment within the customer’s service

• It is the responsibility of the owner to maintain the pumping system within the residence or business.
• It is the responsibility of the owner to maintain their service from their lot line to the water meter manifold assembly.

Utility Maintenance:
The City of Swift Current maintains:
 - Water meter
 - Pressure reducing valve
 - Dual check valve (DUC)
 - Curb Stop (CC)

Contact info
Phone: 306.778.2748
After Hours Emergency: 306.778.2748