Winter Operations FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions On Winter Operations

Q: Am I responsible for cleaning the city sidewalk in front of my property? 
A: Yes. Residents should keep in mind that all snow removed from the city sidewalk and private driveway is to be kept on your property. You should not shovel this snow into the street. This creates a problem for you and others in the area.  

Q: What should I do when I come up to the snow clearing crew in a vehicle? 
A: Be careful. Pass only when necessary and with extreme caution. Remember snow clearing has not occurred in front of the equipment. 

Q: Who is responsible for removing the ridge of snow that the plow left behind in my back lane? 
A: You are. Residents are responsible for the removal of such ridges to allow passage into their private property. 

Q: Will the City open the access to our property? 
A: No, this is the resident's responsibility. 

Q: How often does the City sand roadways? 
A: This depends on the weather conditions and safety concerns, but is carried out on a continual basis as needed. 

Q: What kind of criteria does the City use to classify roads on a priority scale? 
A: The priority is set, based on traffic volume, location, traffic speed, steepness of road grade, susceptibility to icing, etc. 

Q: How often does the City remove snow? 
A: After a snowfall, all snow is windrowed to the middle of the street, picked up and hauled to the nearest dump site, on a priority scale as mentioned above. Learn more including a snow removal map here: Snow Removal

Q: If I have any questions or concerns regarding the City’s Snow and Ice Control Program who do I contact: 

A: You can call the Public Works Division at 306-778-2748 or leave a message on the Snow Line at 306-778-1625.