Street Sweeping

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SweepingThe Streets and Roadways Division is responsible for the sweeping of all city streets in the spring. The program begins once temperatures reach a consistent trend above freezing overnight.  The main arterial roadways are swept first, followed by the residential streets. Preliminary sweeping began Friday April 8, 2022. 

The Residential Street Sweeping Program will begin April 27th and run until May 18th, 2022.  

Throughout the summer months, maintenance sweeping is continually performed as required, after the focused spring program. 

Stay tuned to this page and local radio stations for daily updates, as well as the City Facebook page and Twitter account. 

The schedule is depicted below.  Remember to watch for signs and move your vehicles off the street when advised! Thank you for your cooperation!

Don't know your zone? No problem, check this map: Residential Street Sweeping Map.    

If your street was not completed on its scheduled day - please be advised that each Friday is catch-up day and crews WILL be returning. If possible, park off street for Friday's catch up sweeping. 

Sweeping zones:


Zone 3

Wednesday April 27

Zone 5

Thursday April 28

Zone 4

Monday May 2

Zone 6

Tuesday May 3

Zone 12

Wednesday May 4

Zone 7

Thursday May 5

Zone 8 & 11

Monday May 9

Zone 14

Tuesday May 10

Zone 2

Wednesday May 11

Zone 9

Thursday May 12

Zone 13

Monday May 16

Zone 10

Tuesday May 17

Zone 1 & 15

Wednesday May 18

Rain Days

To Be Determined

Areas of the City are mapped out as noted on the attached Residential Street Sweeping Map.    

Residential areas will be swept between the hours of 
6:00 am and 5:00 pm.


Residents are urged to please move their vehicles when notified of sweeping in their area, in order to facilitate the complete curb-to-curb sweeping of their streets. When vehicles are not moved off the street, sweepers have to move around the obstruction, leaving debris behind.

Notice of street sweeping will alert residents to park their vehicles in an alternate off-street location. Please watch for this signage in your area so that you can remove your vehicles from the street at the necessary times.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will I know when the street will be swept so I can have time to move my vehicle?

For up-to-date information on where and when street sweeping will be taking place, please bookmark this page, or visit the City's Facebook and Twitter pages, or listen for radio updates on The Eagle 94.1 FM, Magic 97.1 FM, and CKSW 570 AM.

My street was scheduled to be swept, but a) it rained that day or b) the sweeper didn't finish the zone. Now what? 

If your zone has some streets that were missed, it means we need to come back the following Friday. Fridays are designated for downtown sweeping first, then zone touch ups or return trips. If it has rained, sweepers will return to your zone as soon as it is dry enough to proceed - if a zone is delayed entirely by rain, we will advise you of an alternate date. Watch for signage, listen to the radio, check the City's Facebook or Twitter pages, or check back to this page for updates. 

What about my garbage day? Will street sweeping affect garbage cart collection? 

The city-wide street sweeping schedule is designed around front-street collection of Smart Carts to avoid disruptions in service. 

I moved my vehicle off the street but my neighbours haven't moved theirs. Will my street be swept or not? 

Every effort will be made to sweep your street and move around obstructions. However, a more thorough curb-to-curb sweeping is desired, so we are hoping for cooperation from residents. If need be, crews may return to your street another day. Watch for signage and listen for updates as mentioned above. 

Thanks for your cooperation!

Additional questions or concerns?  Contact: or 306-778-1625.