Water Treatment

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Important Information for Drinking Water in the Spring:

Periodically, the chlorine levels at the water treatment plant will be increased in order to ensure your water is safe to drink. This usually occurs after water is released from Duncairn Dam, extended rainfall, snow melt period, and annually during spring thaw.

Water samples are taken 4 times a day at the water treatment plant and continuous adjustments are made to what is added to the water, based on continuous computer monitor readings taken at the plant. 

Please remember this is an annual occurrence every spring, so there is no need to call the City to report it at this time. 

Click here to view the City of Swift Current Water Treatment Annual Notice to Consumers.

Click here to view the Water Treatment Plant Annual Report.

Water Treatment Plant Information

The Swift Current Water Treatment Plant serves water to the City and several outlying residents in the Swift Current RM. The water source is the Duncairn Dam which supplies water to the Swift Current Dam. The plant, which is located at the Swift Current Dam, treats and pumps water into the distribution system via South Hill Reservoir. Click here for a flow chart of the Water Treatment Process.


The Process


The process of the water treatment plant involves multiple physical and chemical treatments. The first section of this process is the pre-treatment of the water. Two chemicals are used here. The first is Potassium Permanganate which removes manganese, and reduces tastes and odours. This is followed by Powder Activated Carbon. The carbon removes some disinfection byproducts and treats seasonal tastes and odours.

Sulfuric Acid TanksActiflo 1










Primary Treatment

Pre-treatment is followed by Actiflo clarifiers for primary treatment. Primary treatment is coagulation and ballasted flocculation. The Aluminum sulfate is added to help particles in the water to collect and stick together. This process is called coagulation.  Carbon dioxide is added to reduce the pH of the water, allowing the aluminum sulfate to be more efficient. This is quickly followed by ballasted flocculation when a polymer and microsand are added to make the coagulated particles heavier.

ActifloPolymer Batch System 










After the Actiflo clarifiers the pH of the water is adjusted up with sodium hydroxide to a neutral pH of 7.0 and filtered. The filters take out any particles that were not taken out during primary treatment.

Disinfection and Fluoridation

After filtration, chlorine is added for disinfection. Fluoride is added for dental hygiene. This is followed by ultraviolet disinfection which will inactivate any living cell that has not been killed by the chlorine.

HighliftUV room 1

Highlift,UV room 3 









After the water is disinfected, it is pumped in South Hill Reservoir. South Hill holds around 6,800,000 litres of water. From South Hill Reservoir the water is pumped into the water distribution system and North Hill Reservoir. North Hill Reservoir also holds 6,800,000 litres.

Winter average usage is around 6 million litres of water per day. Summer usage is around 12-15 million litres per day with peak times reaching above 22 million litres of water.

The max flow rating for the plant is 30 million litres per day.


Latest Upgrades

2012 – Extensive remodeling done. Actiflo clarifiers with pH adjustment and Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection were added. Along with a new laboratory and chemical storage facilities. 
2019 – Replaced Actiflo lamella tube settlers and installed Actiflo air scour cleaning system. 
2020 – Installed laser turbidimeters to filter monitoring and upgraded filter control lines to stainless steel. Completed bulk water station upgrade to RFID card system. 
2022 – Residual Management pump station completed. This station diverts all Water Treatment Plant residuals away from the Swift Current Creek and sends to the Swift Current Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Directions to the Water Treatment Plant

From South Railway, turn south at 18th Ave SE just west of  Kinetic Park, then turn right at the Sask Power building, and follow the winding road south past the Chinook Golf Course.