Compost & Yard Waste

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Yard Waste Collection

For information on the yard waste and tree branch collection program, please click here

Why Compost?

  • Diverting yard waste from the landfill increases the lifespan of the landfill because one-third of the collected residential materials is yard waste.
  • At the landfill, there are currently separate compost yard waste and clean wood piles.
  • They are separated because the yard waste pile can be turned and eventually becomes compost.  
  • The clean wood pile can be chipped in a wood chipper and added to the yard waste pile to enhance the composting process and absorb compost odours. 
  • The compost yard waste pile is for loose, un-bagged materials and is free of charge. 

Yard Waste Includes:

  • Grass clippings
  • Weeds
  • Plant stock (leaves and other plant material)
  • Thin tree, grass, and shrub trimmings (not branches)

Not Allowable Yard & Garden Waste:

  • Kitchen scraps of any kind
  • Non-biodegradable material
  • Oil or paint

Wood Separation for Diversion Program













We have been expanding our wood separation requirements at the City’s East landfill, in an attempt to separate wood from being dumped in with regular garbage and in-fill earth materials as much as possible. 



Please deposit the wood products at the Landfill at one of 3 Wood Cells located directly south of the scale house:
  1. Clean wood – Pallets, construction lumber, timber any wood that is not treated, painted – (can contain nails)
  2. Green wood – Tree and Shrub wood, all sizes  (Branches, tree trunks, stumps, roots)

All of these woods can be chipped and reused, for agricultural, horticultural (Green & Clean wood) and industrial/commercial uses (Clean & Treated wood), for their absorption, odour and chemical properties.

Diversion and Recycle projects such as wood to wood chips, concrete to crushed concrete, and yard waste to compost soil are economically and environmentally responsible.

Residential customers only - branches up to 8 inches in diameter accepted at the landfill at no charge.

Any of the large branches, stumps, trunks, or roots not accepted at the Yard Waste Bins as the bins become too heavy to transport are subject to Disposal Fees at the Landfill:

  • $10.00 for loads under or equal to 500 kg
  • $50.00 /tonne over 500 kg

Example: Average weight of a 6’ long pine tree with a 10” diameter is approximately 790 lbs (0.35 tonne or 350 kg), so the fee would be $10.00.

Composting at Home

  • Food scraps
  • Crab apples and other tree and garden vegetables
  • Other yard waste

These items can be put into a commercial compost rotational container or you can experiment in fall with making a compost garden "lasagna". 

The composting process takes about three months to produce the rich black "dirt" useful for enhancing topsoil.