Occupant Load - How many people can you safetly host in your building?

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Occupant Load Application

Applicants requiring an occupant load certificate can apply directly to the Swift Current Fire Department:

Swift Current Fire Department Office: 306-778-2760
236 Chaplin Street E Fax: 306-778-9191
Swift Current, SK Fire@swiftcurrent.ca
S9H 5B2

Upon receipt and acceptance of all required information, the Swift Current Fire Department may arrange for a site inspection to verify any site-specific requirements based on the codes and standards and/or location of an event.
Once the above items have been satisfied, SCFD will issue an occupant load certificate indicating the maximum number of persons for the space identified in the applicant’s layout plan. The certificate must be displayed in a prominent location during the event.

Occupant load applications must be submitted a minimum of 10 business days in advance of the proposed event to allow adequate time for processing. Applications for a complex event must be submitted a minimum of 30 days in advance (see definition on page 1). Please note: the SCFD can not guarantee the issuance of an occupant load certificate until such time as:
i) the required documentation has been received from the applicant.
ii) the occupant load has been determined; and
iii) all fire safety requirements have been confirmed.


“Assembly occupancy” means the occupancy or the use of a building, or part thereof, by gathering of persons for civic, political, travel, religious, social, educational, recreational or like purposes, or for the consumption of food or drink.
“Complex event” a complex event is an event that requires additional time and effort to confirm life safety requirements (large public events, temporary structures, high hazard locations, etc.).
“Cumulative exit width” means the combined total exit width of all exits in the room or floor area in question.
“Floor layout plan” means a drawing of the floor area and seating layout for the proposed event (see Appendix A for sample).
“Net floor area" for the purposes of determining occupancy load, means the floor area in a room excluding ancillary areas, structural elements and partitions, and any large fixtures that are deemed not easily moveable.
“Occupant load” means the number of persons for which a building or part thereof is designed.
“Occupant load certificate" occupant load certificates are issued by the Swift Current Fire Department (SCFD) and indicate the maximum number of people who may be in a given space at the same time.
“Site specific requirements” codes and standards address the majority of safety related items, however when public events are held in locations where additional risk is involved, additional requirements may be applied by SCFD in order to ensure that the event is safe for attendance by the public.
“Special occasion permit” special occasion permits are issued through the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) and authorize the permit holder to sell, possess, and consume liquor at a function.