Fire Department Recruiting

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Recruit Poster

The Swift Current Fire Department employs 2 classes of firefighters, career and paid-on-call. Career firefighters work a set schedule of 10 hour day shifts and 14 hour night shifts. Paid-on-call firefighters are members of the community who work elsewhere but are able to leave their jobs or family to respond to emergency incidents.

Career positions are filled as vacancies occur due to retirements or members leaving to go elsewhere. Our turnover is very low but when a vacancy occurs, we advertise publicly across the province. Candidates for career positions must be fully trained firefighters with Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) qualifications. See the Career Recruitment page for more information on positions and the required qualifications.

Paid-on-call positions are continuously open and require very few prior qualifications. New hires are trained and certified as firefighters within the fire department. See the Paid-On-Call Recruitment page for more information and an on-line application form.