Ladder Truck Autoturn

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IAFC worksheet - platform RM - L2



Standard Planning Review for Autoturn

Please provide an Autoturn plan using the City of Swift Current Fire Department Ladder 2 with travel around the site using all driving lanes.  Travel paths should begin outside the site illustrating the turn onto the primary entry road/drive, manoeuvring around the site, and completed with an illustration demonstrating exiting the site.

If the path begins with a straight approach to the site, the review will not be accepted.

Paths must illustrate the full vehicle swept path (including wheel tracks and out-to-out vehicle overhang sweep) and must indicate a clear, unobstructed travel around the site without impact/collisions to buildings, curbs, landscaping, parking spaces, vehicles, tree overhangs, etc.

The travel path must be designed with a minimum speed of 8 kph.

The Autoturn sheet must provide all of the following:

  • all of the apparatus specifications from the above sheet,
  • design speed (no less than 8 kph); if speed varies, indicate points of change by notes,
  • landscaping from landscape plan,
  • parking spaces,
  • building footprint, sidewalks, out buildings, etc., from site plan,
  • electrical installations such as light standards, car plug-ins, transformers, etc.,
  • any obstructions that would impede vehicle travel such as dumpsters, enclosures, gates, fences, posts, etc.

For legibility, the Autoturn exhibit may require several smaller detail sections and/or additional sheets.

The Autoturn Online program can be accessed at Autoturn.