Electrical and Gas Appliances

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Safe electrical appliance use

  • Do not use any appliance while you are touching metal or anything wet. Never plug in or unplug an electric cord while your hands are wet
  • Unplug appliances before cleaning them.
  • Do not yank the cord when unplugging appliances.
  • Train children not to put things into electrical outlets. Plastic outlet guards are a good idea, especially for homes with small children.
  • Repair any appliance that sparks, smokes, or shocks you.
  • Do not overload outlets and extension cords.
  • Keep appliances like radios, televisions, and hair dryers away from sinks and bathtubs.

Safe gas appliance use

  • Ensure the appliance is installed correctly with the correct clearances and soap test all connections before initial use.
  • Keep the area around your furnace and water heater clear of clutter.
  • Never store items near your heating appliances, especially combustible material.
  • If your pilot or gas burners produce a yellow flame it may require an adjustment by a qualified heating contractor.
  • Ensure your furnace and home gets sufficient air for proper operation.
  • Never run the furnace with the fan compartment cover removed. This can severely upset air circulation, cause improper combustion and may produce carbon monoxide (CO).
  • Know the danger signals of CO exposure: headachy feeling, tightness across the forehead and in the temples, watering and burning of the eyes, weariness, weakness, dizziness, vomiting and loss of muscular control.
  • If you experience any of these symptoms, go outside into the fresh air. Call 9-1-1.