Family Emergency Planning

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72 Hour72 HOURS

Although the City has an emergency plan and is prepared for major emergencies, citizens must also be aware of the need to take care of their own needs for up to 72 hours. In a major disaster, the priorities will be rescuing people who are trapped, restoration of key utilities, and preventing further damage. We will not have the ability to help each individual during the initial phases of a disaster. 

It is highly recommended that all citizens prepare enough food and water to last their family for 72 hours.  It will take at least that long for the City to deal with the effects of the disaster and get utilities back on line. We have prepared a booklet with the help of Saskatoon Emergency Measures Organization to help you plan for a disaster, survive through a disaster and recover from a disaster. This booklet offers key advice about protecting your family and your property after a disaster that has affected you personally.

A Guide to Personal Disaster Preparedness, Action and Recovery

Click this link for more information regarding setting up a 72-Hour Emergency Kit.