Emergency Vehicle Autoturn

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Ladder 2 - 3For plats, development plans, and site plans, the Swift Current Fire Department reviews access to, around, and leaving the property (site, complex, or development) to ensure that emergency vehicles are able to negotiate turning movements without causing damage to parked vehicles, landscaping, fixtures, buildings, etc.  By applying the travel path of a large emergency service vehicle, City Planning and Growth Development staff, and City engineering staff along with fire department representatives, can evaluate possible areas of conflict and help developers/designers avoid creating a layout that might result in damage to private or public property and vehicles.  This process ensures that police, fire, and ambulance vehicles can readily access the property in an emergency situation.

This review is conducted through the use of an Autoturn template matching the dimensions of the fire departments large apparatus.  There are two templates, one for an engine and one for an aerial platform truck.  We refer to these templates as "Engine 3 Autoturn" and "Ladder Truck Autoturn."

Engine 3 Autoturn template is to be used for residential developments up to four family dwellings and a maximum of 2 stories in height.

Ladder Truck Autoturn is to be used for all commercial, industrial, institutional and multifamily developments as well as areas where the structures exceed 2 stories in height.

The specifications for the Apparatus Autoturn can be downloaded from the following pages.