Payment Information

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Terms of Payment
Payment for service is due immediately upon receipt of the bill. Payment must be processed by the City of Swift Current on or before the due date shown on the front of the bill to avoid late payment fees.

Payment Methods

  • Pay your bill automatically through your bank account - Sign up for our Pre-authorized Payment Plan. Contact our Customer Service Representative: 306-778-2731
  • Pay through your financial institution - Pay at your local credit union or bank branch, over the phone or online.
  • Pay by mail - Make cheques payable to City of Swift Current, PO Box 340, Swift Current, SK S9H 3W1              (To ensure accurate processing of your payment, please included the bottom portion of your bill along with your cheque.)
  • Payment may be made at City Hall during regular business hours Monday to Friday 7:45am-4:30pm.

Please allow for processing time with your financial institution and postal delivery service to ensure payment application to your account prior to the due date on your utility bill.

Late Payment Fees
Late payment fees will be applied to any past due balance, and is calculated at the rate of 1.17%, compounded monthly (15% per year). Interest will not be paid on any credit balances.