Special Charges

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  • Local Improvements: These include replacement of the City's infrastructure such as lane paving, sidewalks and curbs. 
  • Miscellaneous - Overdue electrical, water and sewer bills may be transferred to your tax bill. If the City must do work on your property under a bylaw related to untidy and unsightly land, noxious weeds, junked vehicles, or fire damage, those costs may also be added to the tax roll.
  • Cypress Hospital Levy - Term tax, meaning it will end once the City`s portion of the hospital funding is paid.

BYLAW NO. 9 - 2009
A BYLAW of the City of Swift Current, in the Province of Saskatchewan, to provide for the creation of a special tax within the current year. 

WHEREAS the Council of the City of Swift Current deems it desirable and necessary to fund the construction of the new Cypress Regional Hospital for their 35% share of the construction cost in the form of eleven million two hundred thousand dollars less other municipal  commitments.  This amount is to be recovered over a period of approximately 12 years through an annual levy on properties with improvements.

NOW, THEREFORE, the Council of the City of Swift Current in the Province of Saskatchewan, enacts as follows:

1. THAT pursuant to Section 275 of The Cities Act, a special tax based on each parcel of land with improvements is to be based as follows:            

a)  A flat rate of $100.00 per property for residential with improvements; 
b)  Multi-family landlords will be charged the flat rate of $100.00 multiplied by the number of units in the property.
c)  Commercial properties to be based on the following:

Assessment Amount
150,000 or less $165.00
150,001 to 250,000 $265.00
250,001 to 350,000 $365.00
350,001 to 450,000 $465.00
450,001 to 550,000 $565.00
550,001 to 650,000 $665.00
650,001 to 750,000 $765.00
750,001 or more $865.00

2. The revenue raised by the special tax is to be applied to the debt that was incurred to construct the new Cypress Regional Health Authority hospital.

3. That interested persons may request the City to review the application or calculation of a special tax on property if they consider that an error or omission was made in that application or calculation.  They may do so by requesting the same in writing to the City’s Director of Finance.

4. This Bylaw shall have force and have effect from the first (1st) day of January, 2009, upon final reading from Council.