Payment Options

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* After municipal, school board and library mill rates are set in the spring, property owners will receive a property tax notice.

* Arrears penalties of 2% bi-monthly shall be added to and form part of taxes outstanding from prior years.

* Taxes in arrears shall have a lien attached and are subject to tax enforcement.

* January and February discounts may be available for pre-payments of current year municipal and hospital taxes based on prior year levies.

* Anyone currently on our Tax Installation Service (TIPS) will receive new banking information. These new TIPS amounts will begin with the June 2017 payment. 

Methods of Payment:

  • Direct payment to Cashiers at City Hall. This includes: cash, cheque, and debit card
  • Tax Instalment Payment Service (TIPS)/Pre-authorized Payment Plan
  • Online banking Included in your Tax Notice, in the top right hand corner, there is a new Account Number for Online Banking. You can now pay your taxes online using this number.
    • Please check with your banking representative as to their procedure for processing payments by this method.   
    • Allow at least 2 business days for your payment to be posted to your tax account.
    • Contact the Tax Department at 306-778-2704 should you have any questions.

Annual Lump Sum
You can pay at Customer Service on the Main Floor of City Hall using cash, cheque, or debit cards.

If you mail a cheque to pay your taxes, the City must receive your cheque ON or BEFORE JUNE 29th, regardless of postdate. The City suggests that you mail your cheque EARLY but post-date it for June 29th. 

TIPS - Tax Instalment Payment Service/Pre-authorized Payment Plan
This program helps you budget by automatically debiting your chequing account every month, with no additional charges. To participate, you must have: 

  • your tax account paid in full
  • a chequing account at a bank or financial institution

Withdrawals are made on the 15th day of each month. Payments are adjusted in June, after the new mill rate is set. No penalties apply if payments are made according to the guidelines. 

Print-off application form - Send in completed application form along with a void cheque.

If any payments are missed, the City may remove you from TIPS and request payment of the total outstanding taxes, plus penalties. 

You can withdraw from TIPS by giving written notice to Corporate Services five days prior to the next scheduled payment (by the 10th of the month). 

TIPS participation is not transferable if you sell your home. TIPS payments are non-refundable.

For more information, call 306-778-2703.