Final Rendering Plan - Southwest Integrated Facility facilty render


The City of Swift Current is looking at opportunities for future investments into Recreation Facilities in our community. Since 2010 and in accordance with the Recreation, Parks & Culture Master Plan the City has worked on designs for both an Aquatic Leisure Facility and a Field House.  In order to build these facilities, the City will be encouraging community support as we apply for Provincial and Federal grants. All dollars received locally will assist the City in paying the municipal portion of any grant received. The Southwest Facility Foundation has been developed to help support the realization of these facilities.  

Where are we as of today?

A report regarding the Green and Inclusive Community Grant Buildings program was presented to City Council at the regular meeting of Monday, February 6, 2023. The full meeting agenda and report can be viewed here

In 2020, the Federal Government announced a five (5) year $1.5 billion Green and Inclusive Community Grant Buildings (GICB) program that is now entering stage two (2) of a potential (3) stage roll out. 

As part of that ongoing process, City Administration is applying for funding consideration from the GICB program. This grant aims to build more community buildings and improve existing ones in areas with populations experiencing higher needs - while also making the buildings more energy efficient, lower carbon, more resilient and higher performing. 

At this time, the funding if approved, allows for up to 73.33% of the total cost of building to be covered by the Government of Canada in association with the Province of Saskatchewan. The City of Swift Current would be responsible for 26.7% or more of the total cost of the project plus any shortage, potential cost overruns, or new scope of work. Any dollars spent to date cannot be included in the 2023 grant application. 

Council would agree to fund the municipal share of the project by using debt for the principal and interest. Municipal taxes would then fund the ongoing operational and maintenance costs of the facility. 

At the City Council Meeting on February 6th, City Council, made the following motion, Moved by Councillor Friesen, Seconded by Councillor Switzer: 

"THAT Council supports the development of a phased approach to the completion of an Aquatic Centre and that Administration be directed to apply for grant funding through the Green and Inclusive Community Buildings Grant - Round 2. Council agrees to meet the terms and conditions of the relevant program, to conduct an open tendering process, to manage the construction of the project and to follow any Federal and Provincial Environmental Legislation and Standards. Council deems this project to include the completion of an Aquatic Centre and atrium area and to fund the municipal share by debt with the ongoing operations and maintenance costs funded by way of municipal taxes."


Renderings for future potential builds include

The Southwest Facility Foundation has been created to help support the build of these facilities. To learn more about the foundation or to donate please visit.
Some quick facts about the Southwest Facility Foundation can also be viewed here