Stories From Saskatchewan's Great Southwest

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Story of Scotty the T.rex

In this documentary, we go back to the beginning and tell the origin story of Scotty, and how it was discovered on that fateful day in 1991. As well, we showcase the lasting impact the discovery had on the town of Eastend and the Paleo world in Canada.

Swift Current Fire Department

Since its inception as a volunteer brigade in 1898, the Fire Department has been keeping the homes and citizens of Swift Current safe. While it has seen changes and evolution through its long history, the department has made it through adversity to be a vital and respected leader in the community.

Healy Hotel Legacy

This documentary tells the story of the Healy Hotel, a landmark in the history of Swift Current. You'd never know the Healy was once the place where the people of Swift Current gathered, where business deals were made, and where fellowship and service to the community was strengthened. The building may be gone....but its history is not forgotten.

R.A.F. Aerodrome - The Story of the Swift Current Airport

This video highlights the story of the Aerodrome during World War 2 and it's lasting impact on the city of Swift Current.

Swift Current Remembers

In this documentary we take a look at the contributions of Swift Current and it's residents involving the various armed conflicts over the last 100 years.

Canadian Pacific Railroad in Swift Current

This video follows the impact of the Canadian Pacific Railroad on the establishment and development of the City of Swift Current since the main line reached Swift Current Creek in 1883.

Swift Current Old Time Fiddlers

In this instalment of the Stories from the Great Southwest, we chronicle the history and the lasting legacy of the Swift Current Old Time Fiddlers as they brought their classic brand of fiddle music to Southwest Saskatchewan and beyond.

History of Hockey in Swift Current - 1900-1967

Discover the history of hockey through the ages, from 1900 to 1967. We look at the beloved heroes of hockey in the early days, the places they played and the teams they played for, as Swift Current slowly established itself as a hockey town to rival any other in Saskatchewan.

Cypress Hills: A Short Documentary

As part of the continuing video series Stories From Saskatchewan's Great Southwest, this documentary explores the history of The Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park in Southwest Saskatchewan.

Story of Grasslands National Park

Grasslands National Park is one of the largest areas of undisturbed mixed prairie grassland in Canada and is a destination for visitors from around the world. The vast landscape commands your attention while the immense sky overwhelms the first time visitor with wonder and contemplation. In this documentary, we examine how the landscape supported the various cultures of people who inhabited the area and how the dream of creating a National Park was realized.

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