Canada 150 Mosaic Project

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The City of Swift Current is proud to be part of the National Project Canada 150 Mosaic!

In our continued celebrations of Canada’s 150th birthday the Mural Mosaic team is launching a bold undertaking.  Over a two year span, the team trio (Lewis Lavoie, Paul Lavoie, and Phil Alain) plan to create a mural including all provinces and territories, over 80,000 paintings and 150 individual murals that, when united, will form one gigantic mural mosaic.
Hundreds of 4" x 4" tiles will be completed by community members of all ages and skill levels.  The completed tiles will be assembled into a large grid to magically transform the paintings into a unified mosaic that will represent individual communities across Canada.
The City of Swift Current has joined the Mural Team to create a truly swift Current contribution to this national.  Join us August 18 to the 20th at Market Square to create our own Swift Current Canada 150 Mosaic Mural.
We are looking for anyone interested in creating tiles for the Mural.  Don’t worry, the Mural Team will be here to help us create and install the mural.  You do not have to be Picasso to take part.  Anyone interested can register with the swift current Museum and come and create.  We are looking for individuals, clubs, associations, sports teams, business groups, crafters… anybody can do it.  Join us and become part of Canada’s and Swift Current’s history… FOREVER….   
For more information on this project, or to register, contact or contact the Swift Current Museum at (306) 778-4811.